All Star Members

Board of Directors

(Meet on the first Wednesday of the month)

2020 Officers

  • President: JoAnna Parker
    (Rival Sign Company)
  • 1st Vice President: Tyler McGlasson
    (McGlasson Insurance Agencies)
  • 2nd Vice President: Dr. Steve Sanders, DC
    (ChiroPlus Clinic)
  • Secretary: Ann Elias
    (City of White Settlement)
  • Treasurer: Teresa von Ilyes
    (AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc.)

2020 Directors

  • Steve Siebenthall
    (Community National Bank & Trust of Texas) [12-31-2020]
  • Open Position [12-31-2020]
  • Shelly McCormick
    (Splash Dayz WaterPark) [12-31-2021]
  • Kyle Reeves
    (City of White Settlement) [12-31-2021]
  • George Petrovich
    (Law Office of George J Petrovich, Jr) [12-31-2022]
  • John Reaves
    (Fort Worth Texas Real Estate) [12-31-2022]

Immediate Past President

  • Sam Symonds (Co-Operative Industries

Associate Directors
For greater representation the President may appoint no more than six (6) associate directors annually.
Terms will expire 12-31-2020

Director Emeritus
Honorary title with voting privileges and admission to any chamber event bestowed by the Board of Directors in recognition of service to the White Settlement Area Chamber of Commerce.
  • Esther F. Sims (August 2018)
  • Grant Jackson (November 2017)
  • Marellen Patterson (May 2013)
  • Ella Chambers (February 2013)
  • Norris Chambers (February 2013)

CIA&D Aerospace Electrical Wiring Harness, Cable and Interconnect Manufacturer
Law Office of George J Petrovich, Jr.