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ABODE Treatment, Inc.

Phone Number: 817-246-8677
701 Cherry Lane, White Settlement, Texas, USA 76108

ABODE Treatment, Inc., founded in April 1994, provides chemical dependency treatment services to clients of the criminal justice system as well as the general population. The corporation is a wholly owned private corporation.

There is a very high percentage of substance abusers who have been diagnosed with behavioral and addictive problems that can be alleviated by proper treatment. Many of these problems occur because of a lack of the “basics” needed to function within society. Thus the acronym:

A - Adult
B - Basic
O - Opportunity
D - Development
E - Environment


Residential Facility

723 South Peak Street, Dallas, TX 75223
701 South Cherry Lane, White Settlement, TX 76108

Outpatient/Aftercare Locations:
1202 Estates Dr, Suite B, Abilene, TX 79602
723 S. Peak Street, Dallas, TX 75223
2018 Evans Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76104
305 East 12th Street, Suite B, Joshua, TX 76058
1700 South Cherry Lane, Suite 320, White Settlement, TX 76108

June 1994, supportive outpatient and TCADA Education Programs in Fort Worth, Texas;
September, 1994, added the intensive residential facility operating as Relapse Treatment Center (RTC);
January 1995, added a Transitional Therapeutic Community (TTC) program;
1999 ABODE – non-acute detoxification, intensive residential, residential, and supportive outpatient program for 100 adult male clients.
July 1, 1999, male and female adult outpatient services moved to the facility at 701 S. Cherry Lane, White Settlement, Texas;
2002, added additional adult male and female outpatient service location at 4150 E. Rosedale, Fort Worth, Texas;
August 2006, added additional adult male and female outpatient/aftercare location at 2018 Evans Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas.
ABODE Treatment, Inc. provides treatment programs to criminal justice clients as well as the general population. All programs are staffed by Qualified Credentialed Counselors (QCC) who are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

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