Atmos Energy

May 22, 2015 1:01 pm
Phone Number: 1-888-286-6700
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100 West Morningside Drive, Fort Worth, Texas, USA 76110

About Atmos Energy
Atmos Energy Corporation, headquartered in Dallas, is one of the country’s largest natural-gas-only distributors, serving approximately 3 million customers in more than 1,400 communities from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the East to the Rocky Mountains in the West.

Growing and Working For You
Atmos Energy has grown from 279,000 customers in 1983 mainly by acquiring utility assets. The company has regulated utility operations in Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. It is the largest natural gas distributor in the states of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

In addition, Atmos Pipeline–Texas is one of the largest natural gas transmission and storage systems in Texas. Its pipelines span the state from far West Texas to the border with Louisiana and southeast to the Greater Houston area.

Because of its geographical breadth, Atmos Energy benefits from diversity in economic conditions, weather patterns, natural gas supplies and regulatory climates.

Nonregulated Operations

Atmos Energy’s nonregulated operations market and deliver natural gas to some 1,000 industrial, commercial and municipal customers primarily in the Southeast and Midwest. It ranks among the top three domestic mid-tier natural gas marketers.

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